I (Dave Arena AKA Bear, Daddy) am a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Brooklyn, NY with my wife Victoria (Bear, Mama)…yeah we have the same nicknames for each other, it’s easier that way.  She’s living her dream working on The Tonight Show and I have to take care of our three daughters. The eldest child is Maria (AKA Dudar, dudur), the middle child is Ava (AKA Sloopy, Doo) and the youngest is Eden (AKA Bontz), who is special needs.

I was the fat kid. I was also a fat adult. So, I had gastric bypass and lost 100 pounds. Then, I had a tummy tuck and was looking real fly.

But over the years, I’ve put back on about 30-40 pounds and my metabolism seems to be shot. Nothing I did took off any of the weight.

So, I tried a keto diet and so far it’s been working. This website will show you everything I’m learning about the keto lifestyle including hacks, recipes, tips, tricks, products, supplements, etc.

Everything that I learn about, I’ll be your guinea pig and try it first, then tell you about it. And I’ll be brutally honest (I still haven’t found a low carb brownie recipe that isn’t shitty).

I really hope this helps someone out there!


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